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Destiny 2’s holiday event, The Dawning, returns next week


Every year, Destiny 2 fans gather back in The Tower for The Dawning, the universe’s winter holiday centered around gift giving. This year, players can hang out with Saint-14, throw snowballs at each other, and chill on Europa with their new Stasis powers from Dec. 15 to Jan. 5, 2021.

The holiday vendor, Eva Levante (dubbed “space grandma” by fans), will return to The Tower on Tuesday to offer players the Holiday Oven. As in previous years, players can collect ingredients by defeating enemies in a variety of ways, and then bake those ingredients into special holiday cookies for Destiny’s NPCs.

By delivering holiday cookies and completing missions, players will generate Dawning Spirit this year, which will apparently bolster Eva’s rewards over the course of The Dawning. These rewards include an Exotic ship, which players can customize with engine effects and an animated shader.

Players can also earn a new fusion rifle by participating in The Dawning. The Glacioclasm is a Void weapon, and Destiny 2 data miners have already discovered all its potential perk combos.

As always, players can buy holiday-themed items from Destiny 2’s Eververse shop, like an elf-themed Ghost that’s actually pretty cute. Bungie’s article doesn’t describe how players can get the fancy new Dawning armor. In previous years, the armor set has only been available from the Eververse store.

The Dawning is free for all Destiny 2 players, and doesn’t require Beyond Light or Season of the Hunt.

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