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Telltale Games updates fans on The Wolf Among Us 2 and more

A small but optimistic update

The Wolf Among Us - Bigby Wolf fighting a horned enemy Image: Telltale Games
Cass Marshall is a news writer focusing on gaming and culture coverage, taking a particular interest in the human stories of the wild world of online games.

Telltale Games closed its doors in 2018, laying off the studio’s staff and shuttering production on its titles in development. Then, the brand was revived in a surprise acquisition by LCG Entertainment. The two men, Jamie Ottilie and Brian Waddle, who headed up the new Telltale Games announced that while the developer had lost the rights to some of the properties its games were based on, it still had access to a few IPs, as well as its own original games.

That includes the Fables series by DC Comics’ Vertigo label, which means that in 2019, Telltale Games announced that The Wolf Among Us 2 had restarted production. Since then, fans have received few updates. Today, the developer released a statement via Twitter.

“We know you’re excited to hear more about TWAU2. And we look forward to telling you more when the time is right,” a Telltale spokesperson wrote. “What we can say is we are developing the entire season at once and there is more to do before we’re ready to show what’s next for the Fabletown gang. It’s just not time yet.”

Later in the statement, the developer added: “And trust us, when the time is right, we are going to have a LOT to talk about.”

This isn’t an exciting update, but it’s certainly reassuring to hear that The Wolf Among Us 2 is still in production. It also adds some extra security, as we now know the season is being developed at once. Telltale’s episodic game format caused issues in the past, and The Walking Dead’s final season was very nearly never completed before an intervention from Skybound Games.

This has certainly been an unusual story from start to finish, so a quiet update isn’t bad. While certain games have come to an end due to copyright issues, it sounds like others may be announced in the future.