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Fortnite gets Master Chief, Blood Gulch map

Another crossover arrives

Bubblegum battle royale game Fortnite debuted chapter 2 season 5 with the addition of bounty hunters, characters who can give you quests or be hired as allies, if not challenged for duels. During The Game Awards 2020, developer Epic Games revealed that the early December leak is true: Master Chief is coming to Fortnite.

Our favorite olive-colored Spartan will be accompanied with a variety of signature Halo vehicles, like the Warthog and Pelican. You can equip a holographic Elite skull as a back bling, and your pick axe can become the Gravity Hammer. Plus, available on Dec. 11, a Fortnite Creative recreation of classic map Blood Gulch will also be playable.

If you happen to buy the skin on Xbox Series X or S, you’ll unlock a nice matte black alternate color for Master Chief as well.

Fortnite’s latest season has seen a number of cameos and mash-ups, from The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda to God of War’s Kratos. The season itself was the result of an all-out Marvel event against Galactus, a happening that helped the shooter break another concurrent player record. The game is showing no signs of slowing down amid an onslaught of additions and updates. Epic Games recently announced a monthly subscription service that will grant fans cosmetics, the battle pass, some in-game currency, and more for a recurring fee.

Halo Infinite is set to release sometime in 2021 on Xbox Series X following a couple of delays from Microsoft. Until then, we can now say that Kratos and Master Chief are in the same game. Wild.