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Dead Space dev reveals new survival horror game

Say hello to The Callisto Protocol

A vista from The Callisto Protocol Image: Striking Distance

Geoff Keighley’s big annual event, The Game Awards, included the reveal of a dark trailer that starts off in a cell, with a prisoner who has some sort of green glowing tech embedded into the back of his neck. If it gives you some Dead Space vibes, Visceral Game’s now-defunct third person sci-fi horror series, that’s intentional.

“Please remain calm,” an alarm blares. Then, there’s a gruesome-looking creature who comes up and eats the prisoner. Poor guy. All of this is then shown as camera footage viewed by a third party, who seems to be stationed on an alien planet that has been infested by a new, lurking terror.

This is Striking Distance’s new game, The Callisto Protocol. Studio head Glen Schofield came onto the stream to say that the development team was aiming to make one of the scariest games ever, which only sounds like a tall order if it weren’t for the pedigree of the Dead Space series.