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Century: Age of Ashes is all about dragons dogfighting

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Free-to-play multiplayer game launches in Steam Early Access in February

Century: Age of Ashes, an air-combat game in which dragons are the aircraft, helped kick off The Game Awards 2020’s showcase of new titles. The free-to-play game launches in Early Access on Steam in February, and has a PC launch planned later for the Epic Games Store.

Century: Age of Ashes is being developed by Playwing, Ltd. The makers expect its Early Access period to last about a year. In Century: Age of Ashes, players battle it out in three multiplayer game types (supporting up to 18 people), piloting their sleek dragons through a variety of fantasy-themed maps.

It’s the debut work of Playwing, which says a team of 30 developers is building out the game. The studio plans to keep its free-to-play format when it makes its full launch after Early Access. Its progression includes unlockable items, but Playwing says they are cosmetic only and do not affect gameplay.