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Fall Guys season 3 introduces a new final stage and crown ranks for winners

What we know about the upcoming season

Fall Guys - a Fall Guy peeks from around a giant snowball Image: Mediatonic/Devolver Digital

Now that the holidays are approaching, it makes sense that Fall Guys is adapting to the season. Developer Mediatonic is adding a winter theme to the new season. The update launches on Dec. 15, and it will include seven new stages, new cozy costumes, and new mechanics to torment innocent beans trying to grab a crown.

The new levels include stages like Tundra Run and Ski Fall, and they add new winter-themed obstacles and goals. One stage has players chase down pegwins — cute little penguin buddies — and hold onto them for points. Another has the titular Guys slide down a giant ice slide and dive through rings at the same time, which seems like no easy feat.

Season 3 also contains a new final match, joining the rotation along with games like Hex-a-Gone, Jump Showdown, and Fall Mountain. This new match is similar to Hex-a-Gone, as players have to carefully navigate a set of tiles and avoid falling into the goop below. However, Thin Ice works a little differently. Players can stand on a icy tile three times before it breaks, and there is only one layer. Also, the stage is slippery for a little extra challenge.

There’s a new addition to the game that will last beyond season 3, too. Players now have crown ranks, which is a new progression system that tracks the number of wins you’ve scored. If you win games and grab that elusive crown, you get crown ranks. Crown ranks can unlock golden versions of costumes, as well as some exclusive color combinations and patterns for beans. This seems to be a progression system that still rewards dedicated players, while still allowing more casual fans to unlock the fun outfits from the store by obtaining crowns from the season pass.

Fall Guys season 3 kicks off on Dec. 15, and after the first two seasons, we can expect regular patches throughout, to add new obstacles and iron out issues in the stages.

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