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Super Meat Boy Forever launches next week on Switch

Coming Dec. 23, console exclusive to Nintendo

cartoony attract-mode shot of Super Meat Boy and Bandage Girl grimacing as some kind of danger approaches
Meat Boy and Bandage Girl’s date is interrupted yet again for Super Meat Boy Forever.
Image: Team Meat via Nintendo/YouTube
Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Super Meat Boy Forever launches Dec. 23 as a Nintendo Switch console exclusive, Nintendo announced during Tuesday’s Indie World showcase.

The game was also dated for a Dec. 23 launch on the Epic Games Store during The Game Awards on Thursday.

The last anyone had heard of the project was in April 2019, when Team Meat head Tommy Refenes announced the game would not make that month’s planned launch. A statement from Team Meat at the time noted that the developer would not be going into crunch to finish the game, accounting for its indefinite delay.

Super Meat Boy Forever is an endless-runner variant on 2010’s hard-as-hell platformer, which Team Meat had planned as a mobile-only follow-up to the original back in 2014. Refenes rebooted development in 2017 to include a PC version.

The Nindies live stream said Super Meat Boy Forever would offer boss fights in addition to its thousands of procedurally generated levels.

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