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Elite Dangerous: Odyssey mixes the look of Mass Effect with the action of Call of Duty

This is a lot more tactical than we were expecting

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is headed to PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One in early 2021. The paid expansion to the venerable spacefaring game will add on-foot combat for the first time. On Thursday, Frontier Developments released a new trailer detailing the weapons that will be available and how they will work.

When Commanders leave their starships for the first time, they’ll have the option to arm themselves with all manner of weapons — including long-range sniper-style rifles, short-range automatic weapons, grenades, and even missile launchers. Each will fall into one of three broad categories: plasma, laser, and kinetic weapons. Veteran players should find that familiar, as the intention is to have ground-based combat mirror the style of combat available in space.

The video also lingers on the sights and sounds of what the team calls the “combat triangle,” with combatants on foot, inside spaceships, and in wheeled rovers called SRVs.

At a glance, the combat looks extremely tactical. Players use cover organically, aim down sights, and engage jetpacks to move rapidly while under fire. Death animations include ragdoll physics, and indoor environments are spiced up with moody lighting and environmental hazards like fire and electrical flares. There was even a sequence that showed what looked like a breaching tool being used to cut a new hole in the side of a building.

The video ends with a discussion of the game’s soundscape. Fans of Elite Dangerous have long praised the game’s sound design, which fills the silence of space with all manner of rich ambient noises. Apparently the team was able to secure a whole host of real-world weapons, and then fire them indoors and out at the historic Pinewood Studios.

Pre-orders for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey are now available on the Epic Games Store, the Frontier web store, and on Steam. While the expansion starts at $39.99, fans can also purchase the Deluxe Alpha pack for $54.99, which includes access to the alpha and beta versions of the expansion and some exclusive in-game items.

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