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Behold, Kirby as Sephiroth in Smash Bros.

It him

Kirby, after he inhales Sephiroth in Smash Bros. Ultimate. Image: Nintendo

Any time a new character is announced, Smash Bros. Ultimate fans immediately want to know the most important detail of all. It’s not frame rate data, or potential tier ranking. No. The public wants to see the Kirby version of the new fighter, every time.

In this case, pretty much everyone immediately guessed that Kirby would adopt Sephiroth’s luscious locks. While there is zero that is surprising about Kirby’s appearance as Sephiroth, it’s still delightful to look at.

Even better, here’s a peek at a Sephiroth Kirby vs Cloud Kirby showdown.

But if you want a more thematically appropriate skirmish, you may want to pick a different Sephiroth Kirby color, as Twitter user KirbyKid did.

Some are even comparing Kirby’s silvery hair to that of Miles Edgeworth, of Ace Attorney fame. I can kinda see it.

My only complaint is that Kirby isn’t adopting Sephiroth’s chiseled pecs, as they appear in his shirtless version. Now that would have been incredible.

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