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Dauntless Reforged is a take two for the monster hunter game

New progression, open worlds, and gliders

Dauntless - key art for the Reforged update Image: Phoenix Labs
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Dauntless is a free-to-play co-op beast-hunting game that launched in 2019. Now, developer Phoenix Labs is releasing the game’s biggest update yet. Dauntless Reforged goes back to improve and iterate on the core features of the game. The update will be released on Dec. 3.

Hunting Grounds: Hunting Grounds is a new hunt type, and it’s meant to be endlessly repeatable and replayable while not being procedurally generated. In Dauntless, players would select a hunt, drop on an island, hunt the beast, and then return home with some good loot. Now, players can explore 18 islands, searching for flora, fauna, and treasures.

Of course, these hunts are also full of the game’s big Behemoths, so in order to get everything you need, you’re going to need to take them on. Once players kill a Behemoth, they don’t go back to Ramsgate; instead, hunters can stay on the island and keep exploring. It’s what you may expect from an open world game, as opposed to hunting and then fighting one Behemoth.

Slayer’s Path: Dauntless player progression will now go along the new Slayer’s Path system. The Path branches, meaning that players are going to make choices as they level up and fight more Behemoths. Do you want to be a potion master, or really focus on your ranged skills? Players can make themselves stronger at preparing for fights, crafting gear, or just become stronger in combat. Players can also use Power Surges to upgrade a piece of gear or a powerful weapon and permanently upgrade it past its normal stat capacity.

Gliders: In Dauntless, players are used to running around in an attempt to hunt their target. Now, they can take to the skies on a glider, which greatly increases both mobility and visibility.

Dauntless Reforged also launches with the Cold Front Hunt Pass, which is a battle pass with two tracks. Both tracks are full of Frostwarden-themed items that are appropriate for the chilly weather; the Elite Track, which can be purchased for a fee, includes two armor sets.

Dauntless is available on consoles and the Epic Games Store. Reforged launches on Dec. 3 and is a free addition to the game.

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