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Looks like Doomguy is coming to Fall Guys, plus some cute penguins

Meet the pegwin and... Ringus Dingus?

colorful, beanlike characters running en masse through an obstacle course Image: Mediatonic/Devolver Digital

Fall Guys is a tumultuous game, but also a silly and harmless one. However, it looks like a big, beefy addition is coming to the game in the form of a 10 crown skin. Specifically, a guy known for ripping and tearing: the Doom Slayer.

That silhouette is intriguing, but it’s not confirmation in and of itself. After all, lots of characters from various properties wear giant armored suits. But a tweet from the official Doom account further implies that the Doom Slayer himself is on the way to the game.

New skins aren’t the only thing coming to Fall Guys, which is still in its second season. The next season is on the way, and it will have a winter theme. One obstacle will be a giant, swinging bell. Fans are currently voting to name that bell on Twitter, with “Ringus Dingus” taking a massive lead over the other options.

There also will be a cute pegwin. We’re not 100% sure how the pegwin will operate, but it won’t be a pet for the beans. Instead, it looks like the beans will have to chase and capture the pegwins, and they’ll be a much more interesting level objective to fight over than some plain old eggs.

There are eight days left in Fall Guys season 2, during which players can earn crowns, skin patterns, and color schemes. There is no release date for season 3 as of yet.

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