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Kratos joins Fortnite’s Season 5 crossover free-for-all

Play as the God of War soon

promotional card showing Kratos, from God of War, as he will appear in Fortnite Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment via Hypex
Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

As if Fortnite isn’t busy enough, now Kratos, from PlayStation’s God of War franchise, will join the game as a playable skin.

PlayStation’s official Twitter made a rather ham-handed tease of this crossover at 2 p.m. Wednesday, and Fortnite social media maven Hypex followed with a couple of images showing Kratos’ placement in the game.

“The next guy you’re picking up has literally vanquished multiple gods, with his bare hands, in a fit of uncontrollable rage,” Agent Jones, the Fortnite lore character trying to put reality back together, says in the teaser. That does sort of narrow things down a bit.

Fortnite’s Season 5, Chapter 2 got going at midnight, and its “Zero Point” theme means pretty much anything goes. Galactus, the Marvel Universe’s world devourer, rolled up on the set Tuesday, plunging everything into space-time chaos and starting a big crossover-palooza.

Already we have The Mandalorian and his trusty sidekick Baby Yoda (real name: Grogu). There’s also a … uh, sentient plate of buttered flapjacks in a cowboy hat. So, yeah, all that makes Kratos’ visit to whatever plane of existence this is rather tame by comparison. Artfully played, Fortnite chief continuity officer, whoever you may be.

Kratos’ Fortnite form is based on his bearded God of War (2018) appearance, but still recognizably Kratos, with the distinctive warpaint and deathly pale skin. Kratos will likely return in a sequel, again set in the Norse mythos, on PlayStation 5 sometime in 2021.

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