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Stories Untold gets a new chapter (kind of)

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Get scared on social media

Stories Untold - a desk, with a light, a keyboard, and family photos on it, supports a computer screen showing a game called The House Abandon. Image: No Code / Devolver Digital

Stories Untold is an excellent, episodic indie horror game that released back in 2017. The developer, No Code, is bringing the game back in an unusual way — a Twitter text adventure. On Dec. 22, at 11 a.m. PST/2 p.m. EST, No Code will run a Twitter Story called “The Site Investigate,” a callback to the very first story from Stories Untold, The House Abandon.

Based on the tagline (“1 Story. A Million Nightmares.”), we anticipate that the story will branch, and Twitter users will determine which path the protagonist goes along. Because this is a horror game, there’ll be some twists and turns, but none of the endings will likely be “good” in the traditional sense.

This isn’t a tease for No Code’s next game. The developer stated on Twitter that a project is in the works, but it’ll be a while before players get to see it. “Desperate for a new No Code game? Yeah us too. A while yet, soz. It’ll be worth it though trust us,” the studio wrote. The developer’s second game, Observation, released in 2019.