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Gloomhaven’s digital version gets a big update today

Lots of features were added to the early access game since last summer

Some of the starting player-characters in Gloomhaven, by Isaac Childres. Image: Flaming Fowl Studios/Asmodee Digital

Hit board game Gloomhaven’s digital edition gets a big update today. Chapter 4 adds two new biomes to the early access game, plus new story missions and enemies. It’s accompanied by a new trailer, which you can watch on YouTube.

Designed by Isaac Childres, Gloomhaven is a card-driven dungeon crawler that supports solo play as well as parties of up to five players. It doesn’t require a game master, which makes it a great candidate for a video game adaptation. Unfortunately, the game launched into Steam early access in 2019 largely bereft of the kind of content that made it unique — including an open world with branching narrative content. Since that time, the team at Flaming Fowl Studios has worked to expand and improve the game.

According to a news release, the Chapter 4 update includes new sewer and rural village biomes plus seven new story missions. New enemies include the Black Imp, Deep Terror, Ooze, and Lurker. Dedicated players will also be glad to know that the update includes two new mercenaries, codenamed “Eclipse” and “Phoenix” to avoid spoilers. There’s also a new boss hanging out on the bottom of the ocean. The update is completely free for those who own the game.

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