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Batman: Arkham Knight gets two more costumes — 5 years after launch

Party like it’s 2015

gallery shot of Batman in his Zur-En-Arrh form, which includes jagged, cut-up, sewn-together rags for his costume
Zur-en-Arrh Batman
Image: Rocksteady Studios/WB Games via
Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

So ... Rocksteady Studios is still dropping Batman: Arkham Knight skins like it’s 2015 or something. Seriously! A free update today delivers the “Anime Batman Skin” and the “Zur-En-Arrh” costume. (Gesundheit!)

Both of these costumes have been in the game, but they were made available to players who logged into Arkham Knight’s official forums with a linked WB Games ID. Now they’re out and about to the general population.

So, what are these getups all about? Zur-En-Arrh Batman, believe it or not, goes all the way back to 1958. In Batman #113, the superhero is transported to a planet called Zur-En-Arrh, by the Batman of that planet, to help his alien counterpart battle a mecha invasion. While there, Batman discovers that he has Superman-like powers.

In the modern comics (September 2006 to be precise), writer Grant Morrison resurrected the Zur-En-Arrh Batman for a storyline that revealed him to be a “backup personality” Bruce Wayne invented, in case his real personality was ever mentally compromised. The oddball character has shown up in other modern-day Batman adaptations, including an episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold and the interactive film Batman: A Death in the Family.

Anime Batman is based on one of the shorts in the 2008 anthology Batman: Gotham Knight, specifically, the chapter called “Field Test,” written by Jordan Goldberg and animated by Bee Train.