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Persona 5 Strikers comes west on PS4, PC, and Switch

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Atlus confirms hack-n-slash spinoff’s release

A still image of Joker from an animated sequence in Persona 5 Scramble. Atlus/Koei Tecmo

Persona 5 Strikers will launch in North America on Feb. 23, 2021, Atlus confirmed on Tuesday. The game, called Persona 5 Scramble: Phantom Strikers when it launched in Japan in February, was outed briefly by a YouTube trailer last week that Atlus uploaded and quickly removed.

Persona 5 Strikers is a hack-and-slash spinoff of the Japanese role-playing franchise. It’s launching on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC, and pre-orders on all platforms will begin on Dec. 10.

Persona 5 Strikers stars Joker, the protagonist of Persona 5 (who has crossed over to other titles since that game’s 2016 launch), and blends Dynasty Warriors’ button-mashing real-time combat with Persona’s turn-based battles. Players choose a team of three fighters to accompany Joker as they explore a storyline set six months after the events of Persona 5.

Persona 5 launched in 2016 and was followed in the West by the March 2020 launch of Persona 5 Royal, which added characters and tweaked the story to accompany them. Persona 5 Strikers’ launch in Japan in February 2020 was enough to get Western fans to consider import options, without language localization.

In a tweet on Dec. 4, linking to a teaser website for Persona 5 Strikers, Atlus subtly acknowledged last week’s leak, saying, “Our communications have been intercepted by the Phantom Thieves,” and adding that “all will be revealed” on Dec. 8.