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Breath of the Wild fans find cool new teleportation combat tech

Link learns a new move

Link runs away from an enemy in Breath of the Wild. Image: Nintendo

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been out for three years already. It seems like every month, there’s something else to talk about, whether that’s another glitch, a speedrunning accomplishment, or a cool discovery. Lately the glitch-hunting community for Breath of the Wild has been coalescing around a new trick that, frankly, makes me feel bad for the poor enemies on the receiving end.

It all began with a short clip from GoldheartOdyssey, a player that, seemingly by accident, somehow made Link vault forward after doing a flip:

The Zelda glitch-hunting community got to work, testing it out in the field to see what made the ability tick. We now know that if a player enters “bullet time” while pressing Y at the same time as they pull out their bow, Link will teleport toward the enemy. The wild thing is, Link can do this even if he’s at a huge distance from his target, as you can see in the cool clips below:

And of course, players are combining the tech with other fancy moves:

Actually, I rescind my earlier statement. I only feel bad for the Bokoblins. The Lynels can eat it, though.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go boot up my copy of Breath of the Wild once again.