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Drake signs streaming deal with Caffeine

Musician will co-produce a rap battle show with URL for the streaming platform

Drake performs onstage during the 2017 Adult Swim Upfront Party on May 17, 2017 Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Adult Swim
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Drake, the multi-platinum musician and international hip-hop superstar, has entered into an exclusive deal with streaming site Caffeine. The multi-year deal will include livestreams, a co-produced show, and more “curated live content” in the future.

Caffeine is similar to game streaming platforms like Twitch and Mixer, but Caffeine hasn’t been home to the kind of high-view streamers of those services, who often stream every day for hours on end. Instead, Caffeine has largely focused on partnering with high-profile celebrities like rapper Offset and Pittsburgh Steelers’ wide receiver Juju Smith-Schuster, who both stream games on the platform.

While other streaming sites, and the exclusives streamers they sign, rely mostly on consistent viewers and subscribers, Caffeine focuses on in-app purchases and a focus on original series. Caffeine streamers can make money when they’re streaming, without the need for the consistent daily content that other platforms encourage. This can make streaming easier to fit into a busy schedules, and opens Caffeine up to host regularly scheduled shows, like Drake’s Ultimate Rap League co-production.

According to Caffeine’s press release, it appears that the main focus of the deal will be a new Rap Battle show that Drake will co-produce with Ultimate Rap League (URL), a platform focused on the battle rap genre. While there are few details in the release about the upcoming show it’s probably fair to assume it will include rap battles of some kind.

Aside from Drake’s involvement with the URL show, it’s unclear what other kinds of streams he’s likely to use Caffeine for. While Drake briefly appeared on Ninja’s Fortnite stream back in 2018, there’s no clear indication that gaming will be the focus of any of his other streams on Caffeine.

According to an ad currently running on Drake’s Caffeine channel, it appears that the first episode of the new Ultimate Rap League show will debut sometime on Feb. 12.