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Pokémon Home is having some technical problems

From frequent crashes to error 992

A screenshot of Pokémon Home with Gengar and his stats Image: The Pokémon Company via Polygon
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Pokémon Home launched out of the blue on Tuesday night and it seems, as thousands of people rushed to download the app, a few technical problems have cropped up. A few glitches here and there aren’t too surprising for the launch of a popular app, but the fact that this one directly involves people’s Pokémon collection has some players nervous.

The problems for the app seems to start as soon as it launches, as some people are having trouble getting past the log-in screen to link their Nintendo accounts to Pokémon Home. Most players report that simply filling in their password manually, rather than using an autofill option from their phone, has cleared up the issue.

The most commonly reported problems seems to be crashes, which happen without rhyme or reason across various Home features. For the most part, it seems that players can simply relaunch the app and everything will work just fine ... until it crashes again.

Perhaps the most terrifying issue that’s plagued Pokémon Home’s early adopters are those that have to do directly with their Pokémon collections. One particular problem happens as soon as players try to transfer their Pokémon Bank into Home and are met with a message that says Error 992. While it isn’t quite clear what this error means, it usually leaves the unfortunate person with their Pokémon collection neither in their bank or in Home.

The app has only really been out for a few hours though, and hopefully all those lost Pokémon will get returned soon. Polygon has reached out to The Pokémon Company for comment on these issues.

While these are the most common problems players have found with Pokémon Home so far, it seems possible that the app has plenty of bugs, both on Switch and mobile devices. Thankfully, the app is still brand new, so there’s plenty of time for The Pokémon Company to work out all the problems. That being said, if you want to wait a day or two for things to settle down before you transfer your Pokémon, it might not be the worst decision.

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