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Poké Boy from Pokémon Home raises some important lore questions

Friendship ended with Ball Guy

Poke Boy from Pokemon Home Image: The Pokémon Company

Folks who booted up the mobile version of Pokémon Home last night were greeted by a new, never-before-seen Pokémon character. No, I’m not talking about Grand Oak. Introducing Poké Boy, my new obsession.

I mean, look at the round lil’ guy. His hands are stubs! He’s got a single, well-placed hair! How could you not fall in love?

Poké Boy appears when you first start the app, and acts as a tutorial guide for the basic functions of the cloud service. Really, there’s not much to him other than a very well designed character who, like Ball Guy, riffs off the idea of Poké Balls. But, it’s still enough to have set off a bevy of reactions and memes from fans.

Actually, many of the jokes liken Poké Boy to Ball Guy, with people wondering if they’re somehow related to one another. Could Ball Guy actually have lore? We ask the important questions here at Polygon dot com.

Here are some of my favorite reactions from social media.

I’ll add in one piece of evidence that, in my opinion, reinforces the potential connection between Ball Guy and Poké Boy. Both Poké Ball-related characters basically exist to be helpful to the player.

Coincidence? I think not.

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