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Lara Croft is coming to Rainbow Six Siege

Operator Ash gets an elite Tomb Raider skin in Year 5, Season 1

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Rainbow Six Siege operator Ash will get an OG Lara Croft Tomb Raider elite skin when the next season, Operation Void Edge, launches. Ubisoft Montréal announced the goodie collaboration during the two-year roadmap developers laid out for the game at The Six Invitational in Quebec.

There still is no launch date yet for Void Edge, which is the first season of the game’s fifth year. As an elite skin, it’ll likely cost R6 Credits to obtain

Although Ash already has two elite skin appearances, if anyone on Siege’s roster of 52 is going to get a Lara Croft look, Ash is a natural fit. The American SWAT officer is recognizable for her mirrored shades and ponytail. The elite skin includes a Tomb Raider uniform, headgear, victory animation, a charm, a gadget skin, and weapon skins for Ash’s two assault rifles and two pistols.

That dual wield appears to be for this trailer (and maybe the victory pose) only, though. Last year, presentation director Alexander Karpazis said Ubisoft Montreal had experimented with giving an Operator a dual-wield ability, but players shouldn’t expect it any time soon.

This is the first full-on character skin crossing over with another publisher’s game. Past Rainbow Six Siege crossovers have involved Ubisoft franchises, although Ubisoft Montreal also gave a nice weapon skin hat-tip to their former colleagues who went on to create Gris. The game also had an event in November promoting the Netflix series Money Heist.

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