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PUBG players on Xbox One and PS4 can party up now

Cross-party play support coming in update 6.2, live on test servers now

A team of four players in various weapons-ready poses Image: PUBG Corp./Bluehole
Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players on PlayStation 4 can now test out cross-party play with friends on Xbox One — that is, they can invite one another into a single party across the platforms.

The feature is part of the forthcoming update 6.2, and is now available on PUBG’s public test server, which is free to anyone who owns a copy of the game. Cross-party support follows cross-platform play (between Xbox One and PS4), which came to the game this fall.

Note that cross-party support is only between the two consoles; obviously, there’s no cross-platform play with PC users because of the aim advantage in keyboard-and-mouse setups. Public test server access can be found in the Microsoft Store for Xbox One. PS4 players can find it in the “Purchased” section of their console’s games library.

Update 6.2 will also bring the 8v8 Team Deathmatch to the Karakin map, which is is designed to be a faster, arcade-style game type. Team Deathmatch involves unlimited respawns, no knockdowns, and turns off friendly fire. Rounds are limited to 10 minutes or 50 kills, making them about half as long as an ordinary PUBG match.

The update will bring back another installment of the Skill-Based Rating test; PUBG Corp. says that one has been tweaked based on feedback from the first test. And the update will also rebalance and adjust throwables, particularly fragment grenades, whose overall strength will be reduced. These changes and more were announced last week and added to the PC version of the game on Wednesday.

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