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Overwatch livens things up with a Mardi Gras event

Plus, a new experimental gameplay mode

Cass Marshall is a news writer focusing on gaming and culture coverage, taking a particular interest in the human stories of the wild world of online games.

Another event has hit Overwatch, this time centered around Ashe and Mardi Gras. Players can unlock rewards in game: six sprays, two player icons, and an Ashe skin. Big omnic butler Bob will also be decked out in appropriately seasonal fare.

Players can earn rewards by playing games in quick play, competitive, or the arcade modes. Winning three games unlocks player icons, six games unlocks a new spray, and nine games is the key to the new Mardi Gras Ashe skin. A series of streamers will also be participating in the event; watching a participating stream will grant up to five additional sprays.

This Overwatch event also comes with an intriguing new Arcade game type, Experimental Mode. Experimental Mode is a way for the developers to test new gameplay modes and features. The first mode is triple damage, which means team compositions will be made up of three damage heroes, two supports, and one tank.

Experimental Mode is available to both consoles and PC. The intent is to create an environment like the Public Test Realm, but with more players and more data for the developers. This will, in theory, help Blizzard to test the game and team compositions, and we may see successful iterations hit the Overwatch League stage. In July 2019, Blizzard changed the game to work off a two damage, two support, and two tank queue system.

This drastic change was meant to forcibly end the unpopular GOATS metagame, which paired three tank and three support heroes together. Depending on how Experimental Mode pans out, the new three damage mode may become a standard... or it may gracefully retire.

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