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Google’s Pokémon of the Year contest is a humiliating defeat for Pikachu


Mimikyu in Pokken Tournament Image: Bandai Namco Studios/Nintendo

For a few weeks, folks everywhere could submit votes for a Google contest meant to determine the Pokémon of the year. On Thursday, the top 10 contenders were announced — and Greninja won. But that’s not why we’re here. The real news lies with Mimikyu, who came in third place.

Pokémon aficionados may recall that Mimikyu’s entire existence revolves around Pikachu. The ghost-type creature wears an old rag that resembles the Pokémon mascot because it, too, wants to be loved as deeply as folks love Pikachu. When this was originally announced, the lore immediately endeared everyone to Mimikyu — who doesn’t understand feeling less than?

But today, I am happy to report that Mimikyu isn’t just as beloved as Pikachu. We now have EVIDENCE that Mimikyu is loved more than Pikachu, at least in 2020. Pikachu, who literally starred in a major motion picture with its name in the title less than a year ago, doesn’t even show up in the top 10!

The winners, in order:

10. Gengar

9. Gardevoir

8. Rayquaza

7. Garchomp

6. Sylveon

5. Umbreon

4. Charizard

3. Mimikyu

2. Lucario

1. Greninja

Congrats to Mimikyu, though. It deserves the honor. One might even say that at this point, even Pikachu wishes it were Mimikyu. But too bad, Pikachu. Fuck you.

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