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Pokémon Sword and Shield Mewtwo raid may be hardest battle in entire series

What better way to celebrate Pokémon Day?

A Mewtwo raid in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Image: Game Freak / Nintendo

Pokémon fans love to gripe that the games are too easy, but a new Max Raid Battle in Pokémon Sword and Shield might defy those expectations. Folks who are trying the encounter, which is available until March 1, are reportedly getting their butts kicked.

Why is Mewtwo so tough? It is a level 100 EV-trained creature, who happens to know six moves, not the standard four. Players say that Mewtwo also has way more health and shields than those you can find in standard raid battles. And, as a bonus, the Mewtwo comes packed with move counters that can take down its biggest foes. And if you do manage to beat the legendary Pokémon, you don’t get to catch it — but you do get some rare prizes.

Folks on social media who have tried it have left either terrified or thrilled. Fans are also sharing the best strategies to take down Mewtwo, which at the moment seems to fall squarely on the shoulders of Marshadow and other ghost-types.

Beyond naming the most popular monster of the year for Pokémon Day, the remake of the first Pokémon movie is now also available for streaming on Netflix. Pokémon Sword and Shield are also welcoming a new mythical monster called Zarude.

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