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Dead or Alive 6 starts charging players to change fighters’ hair color, angering fans

New paid DLC is bizarrely implemented

fighters Kasumi and Marie Rose pose in gold dresses in a screenshot from Dead or Alive 6 Image: Team Ninja/Koei Tecmo
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The Dead or Alive series is notorious for its abundant and expensive add-on content — the most recent game, Dead or Alive 6, already has four season passes, ranging in price from from $79.99 to $92.99 each. But a new way to pay for content in Dead or Alive 6 is infuriating the game’s community. Publisher Koei Tecmo is now charging players to change fighters’ hair color, and if that sounds bad, the implementation of that new feature is even worse.

One of the reasons Dead or Alive 6’s DLC is so expensive is that each season pass or costume pack consists of multiple costumes and sometimes characters. Some characters can be purchased separately, but if you want to buy, say, the Morphing Ninja Costume Set — but don’t want to pay for the $79.99 season pass that includes that group of 26 costumes — you can grab it on its own for $23.99.

But until Team Ninja released a recent update to DOA6, you couldn’t purchase a single costume individually. To remedy that, the developer introduced the “Premium Ticket” option to the PlayStation 4 version of the game. Players can purchase Premium Tickets in bundles of two to 50, then spend those tickets on costumes and other cosmetics. Each ticket costs about $1, and individual costumes can go for three to four tickets. Each hair color costs one ticket — and with 16 hair colors available per character, one can see how expensive that might get.

The bizarre implementation of this system, however, is that spending a Premium Ticket on a hair color doesn’t fully unlock it like with other costume purchases; it simply allows players to switch to that color. Switch to another, and that’s another ticket. Switch back to one you already equipped, and that’s yet another ticket. This has led players to call the feature “hair renting.”

Unsurprisingly, Dead or Alive fans have been venting their frustration at Koei Tecmo on the series’ official Twitter account, on Reddit, and on community sites like FreeStepDodge, which penned a scathing critique of the new microtransactions.

We’ve reached out to Koei Tecmo for comment on the hair color situation, and will update if the publisher responds.

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