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Disney releasing filmed version of Hamilton in theaters in 2021

The entire original cast is set to return

lafayette, hercules mulligan, john laurens, and hamilton in the broadway cast of hamilton Photo: Walt Disney Studios
Petrana Radulovic is an entertainment reporter specializing in animation, fandom culture, theme parks, Disney, and young adult fantasy franchises.

A filmed version of Hamilton — featuring composer-lead Lin-Manuel Miranda and the rest of the original Broadway cast — will hit theaters on Oct. 15, 2021, courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures.

The multiplex port will be done in a new “live capture” technology, designed to bring the experience of Broadway to movie theaters, Disney said in a news release. The footage comes from a 2016 performance.

“Lin-Manuel Miranda created an unforgettable theater experience and a true cultural phenomenon, and it was for good reason that Hamilton was hailed as an astonishing work of art. All who saw it with the original cast will never forget that singular experience,” said Disney chairman and CEO Bob Iger.

The hit 2015 musical is based on the life of founding father Alexander Hamilton. Inspired by the 2004 Ron Chernow biography, Hamilton follows the first treasurer of the United States of America from his arrival in New York City in 1776, through the American Revolution and the early days of the country, until his untimely death by duel in 1804.

Hamilton is notable for featuring a hip-hop- and R&B-inspired soundtrack, as well as an entire cast of nonwhite actors (excluding King George III of England). It’s described as a portrayal of “America then, as told by America now.”

The musical quickly became a hit during its off-Broadway days, winning the Tony Award for Best New Musical and making its way to the Richard Rodgers Theatre. Tickets for Hamilton became notoriously hard to score, with a Ham4Ham lottery aimed to give theatergoers lower-priced options.

In addition to Lin-Manuel Miranda as Alexander Hamilton, the musical — and upcoming filmed adaptation — stars Daveed Diggs as both fighting Frenchman Lafayette and Hamilton’s political rival Thomas Jefferson; Leslie Odom Jr. as Hamilton’s other political rival (and the one who kills him) Aaron Burr; Phillipa Soo as Hamilton’s wife Eliza; and Renee Elise Goldsberry as Eliza’s sister Angelica. Like the stage play, the Disney version will be directed by Thomas Kail, who helmed the original and innovated new stage-on-screen camera techniques for 2016’s Grease: Live!.

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