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Teamfight Tactics coming to mobile in March

Though a few players will get their hands on the game a little early

A small penguin holds a sword in front of a phone that is playing Teamfight Tactics Image: Riot Games
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You’ll soon be able to play Teamfight Tactics where ever you go. Riot Games announced that the popular League of Legends autobattler will be released on mobile phones sometime in March (a version built for tablets will be released later, Riot says). A few lucky fans will also have the chance to get their hands on the game a little bit earlier, thanks to a short beta that the developer will roll out in the coming weeks.

Teamfight Tactics on mobile phones will be a slightly different experience than the PC version. First of all the menus have been totally changed, because the League client wasn’t really mobile friendly — in fact, it’s not really anything friendly. So Riot has designed an entirely new out-of-game experience for the mobile version of TFT which will still include the social features players are used to in the Desktop version of the game.

TFT is also getting a slight in-game UI overhaul for its transition to mobile devices. There’s now a dedicated item area where you can select your items from, and the store, where you buy units, will show up in a different place. Other than those few changes to make the game a little better for mobile players, this will be the exact same TFT you’re used to, complete with all of your unlocks from the desktop version of the game.

The beta for Teamfight Tactics will be released in just a few countries around the world and slowly expand as the weeks wear on. In March, Riot says that it will get the first large group of players into the game, with a launch set to come some time after that. Users who hope to get into either of the betas can register for them now on both the Google Play Store, for Android, and through another site for iOS devices.