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Latest TV spot for The New Mutants feels like a totally new (and surprisingly fun) film

Against all odds, this movie looks fun

Every trailer we’ve seen for The New Mutantswhich has been off and on for the last two years — has made it seem like a grim horror movie. The latest TV spot for the film totally turns the tables, not only looking more colorful than every other preview we’ve seen, but looking more fun, too.

The film, which takes place in the X-Men universe, stars Game of Thrones Maisie Williams, scream queen Anya Taylor-Joy, and Stranger Things Charlie Heaton as young mutants trapped in a secret facility. The new trailer showcases their teamwork as they try to break out with their powers, from Cannonball’s (Heaton) ability to propel himself through the air, to Wolfsbane’s (Williams) ability to transform into a wolf, to Magik’s (Taylor-Joy) ability to give herself an extremely cool, giant, blue laser sword.

The trailer also features some kind of giant smoke-bear, and a few splashes of typical teen humor.

The New Mutants is set to hit theaters on April 3.

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