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You’ll be able to tank careers for higher ratings in Not for Broadcast’s updates

Developer NotGames has released a road map for the game

an old-school CRT TV with a woman holding up a “Tunnel Through Earth: M.O.O.B.S.” sign in Not for Broadcast Image: NotGames/TinyBuild
Cass Marshall is a news writer focusing on gaming and culture coverage, taking a particular interest in the human stories of the wild world of online games.

Not for Broadcast is a cheeky FMV game that puts the player in a role of a government censor managing the nightly news broadcast in an alternate reality ‘80s. It’s a great concept for a game, with novel mechanics, although the story often swings between serious satire and silly slapstick.

Developer NotGames has announced the next series of changes to the game. Some of these will be more immediate, including changes to the way ratings work. In the current build of the game, players must switch away from certain scenes or viewers will tune out and the player will fail from the low ratings that result.

This includes, for instance, an over-the-top meltdown from a celebrity actor. NotGames acknowledges that such a scene would probably garner more ratings, not less, and are changing the consequences. Now, players can go for high ratings, but risk angering their boss.

These choices will pay off in future chapters. Episode 2, with three new story-heavy broadcasts, will be released in the summer/autumn period of 2020. The game will conclude in 2021 with Episodes 3 and 4.

There will be other quality-of-life updates, including the ability to fast forward or rewind through the archives of completed levels, as well as customization controls. The full details can be found on the developer’s blog post on the game’s Steam forums.

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