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World of Warcraft’s new final boss is murdering the game’s weakest raiders

You gotta equip your special cloak!

Hearthstone n’zoth art Image: Blizzard Entertainment
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World of Warcraft players are running into a problem in an unexpected place. Every raid comes with multiple difficulties: Mythic, Heroic, Normal, and Looking for Raid. Mythic boss fights are the hardest content available in the game; there’s an entire esport built around watching highly trained, dedicated pros rush through a series of complex encounters in tandem with other guilds around the world. Each difficulty below that becomes more and more accessible... except for the final boss of the Battle for Azeroth expansion.

N’Zoth, a Lovecraftian Old God, is absolutely beating the ass of every Looking for Raid group who shows up, and no one knows how to make him stop.

Looking for Raid is meant to be the most basic raid possible, allowing — in theory — all players to see all of the story content and cutscenes.

A major part of the N’Zoth fight is that this creature — who has been manipulating forces across the world with eldrich whispers — has a mind control mechanic. Luckily, a sexy dragon man showed up to help us fight N’Zoth, and the champions of Azeroth constructed a special cloak. The cloak is imbued with the powers of the black dragonflight, which gives us heroes a chance to fight N’Zoth as a regular encounter.

This is the best cloak you can have for the N’Zoth fight, not only because it’s a good piece of gear, but because if you don’t have it equipped, N’Zoth instantly mind controls you. A mind controlled player becomes part of the boss fight encounter; they will attack their former allies and must be killed.

That’s a real “uh oh, spaghetti-os” moment to contend with, especially because Looking for Raiders aren’t always up to that task. There’s nothing saying that you have to be wearing your cloak; you can queue up for N’Zoth wearing anything at all. Many of them are showing up without their special cloak, either because they haven’t earned it but got the gear level necessary through other means, or they didn’t realize how the mind control mechanic worked and so did not equip it.

Even though Looking for Raid will give the group an increasingly powerful buff when they wipe, they’re still struggling with N’Zoth. Players will leave after a wipe, and the ones who show up to replace them may also not have their cloak equipped.

After high level players and raiders called the final boss of Battle for Azeroth disappointing on Mythic difficulty, it seems N’Zoth is here to get his revenge. He’s mind controlling and murdering the game’s weakest raiders en masse, and for the moment, no one’s quite sure how to stop him... especially when many of their allies have forgotten to equip that essential cloak.

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