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Spelunky 2 studio shares more screens, but no launch date

Derek Yu’s update includes info on Deathmatch mode

image of a prototype screen for Spelunky 2, showing a colorful platforming dungeon Image: Mossmouth

Fans haven’t heard much about Spelunky 2 since Derek Yu and Mossmouth announced in August that the game was delayed. Yu popped into the PlayStation Blog today to reassure players that development continue, and show some new images of what the roguelike sequel has in store.

“Content-wise, one of my goals with Spelunky 2 was to make each run feel even more like a personalized adventure,” Yu wrote. “We want to keep supporting that kind of creativity by adding more variety to the game.”

That means more characters similar to the original game’s Shopkeeper, a guy who could help or hurt you. Yu said the NPC lineup will also bring back familiar faces to support the new cast.

Yu also broadly described work on enhancing Spelunky 2’s Deathmatch mode above what players got in the original game, as well as UI and other quality-of-life improvements. But without a launch date or window, the main takeaway from this morning’s post is that Mossmouth is showing progress on substation components for the highly anticipated sequel.

The first Spelunky originally launched on PC in 2008, with an enhanced version launching on Xbox 360 in 2012 bringing it even more widespread appeal. The PlayStation 4 got a Spelunky port in 2014. It’s been one of the more telegenic speedrun games in the years since, even if comparatively few runners go up against its notoriously tough, procedurally generated levels.

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