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Overwatch’s 2020 Archives event goes live with new challenges, new skins

Danger Zone Pharah looks great

Pharah kneels wearing a new Archives skin in a screenshot from Overwatch Image: Blizzard Entertainment
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Overwatch’s annual Archives event is now live in all versions of the game, giving players a chance to revisit the game’s cooperative PvE campaign missions and earn new skins. While there isn’t a new Archives mission for this year’s edition of the seasonal event, there are new weekly variations on the existing missions: Uprising, Retribution, and Storm Rising.

Just as important are eight new skins for Overwatch’s heroes. There are five new legendary skins, including fresh looks for Ana, Junkrat, Pharah, and Zarya, and three epic skins for Mei, Symmetra, and Torbjörn. You can see some of those skins (and new sprays) in the gallery below.

The new Archives epic skins can be earned through gameplay. As with previous events, players can unlock new epic skins on a weekly basis by winning games across Overwatch’s various gametypes.

Overwatch Archives 2020 runs from March 12 to April 2. Details on new challenge missions and unlockable epic skins are below.

Challenge missions

Week 1 – Two Uprising Missions Unlocked

  • Molten Cores – Enemies drop Lava on death
  • Glass Cannon – Players have 50% less health and increased damage

Week 2 – Two Retribution Missions Unlocked

  • Surgical Strike – Only critical hits do damage to enemies
  • Close Quarters – Enemies can only be damaged if a player is nearby

Week 3 – Two Storm Rising Missions Unlocked

  • Blood Moon Rising – No Support heroes and healing is reduced. Heal yourself by doing damage
  • Storm Raging – Some Enemies are enraged. Killing them spreads the rage

Weekly challenges

  • Week 1: Holi Symmetra (Epic)
  • Week 2: Rustclad Torbjorn (Epic)
  • Week 3: Bear Mei (Epic)

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