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Prince of Persia joins For Honor for three-week crossover

Lots of PoP-themed gear and loot, plus the Prince himself as a deadly foe

Warriors in colorful armor with sharp pointy weapons beat one another up
The Prince of Persia battles the factions of For Honor in the three-week Blades of Persia event beginning in the game today.
Image: Ubisoft Montreal/Ubisoft

For Honor kicked off a Prince of Persia crossover event that runs until April 2, giving players of the hack-and-slash fighting game new skins, weapons, and bling to collect, as well as a new map to play on, and the Prince himself as an adversary to both sides in a limited-time mode.

Called Blades of Persia, the crossover’s feature event is called Ruler of Time, in which players on both teams in For Honor’s Dominion game type will encounter a formidable Prince, whose supernatural powers will require significant teamwork to overcome. He can rewind time (effectively restoring himself from a kill with half of his health); execute a teleporting melee attack to stun players; slow time surrounding them (effectively slowing their attacks and defenses); and summon ethereal spears as a kind of spike trap beneath their feet.

They’ll be fighting on a modified version of the Knights’ Harbor map, which Ubisoft Montreal developers said will feature several Easter eggs and other references to games in the Prince of Persia series. Blades of Persia will also pack in an Event Pass for all players, with 30 tiers of free, Prince of Persia themed gear, weapons, and loot.

Players can also pick up 26 new weapons on the battlefield, buy two more outfits (the fiery Ratash, and the foreboding Sandwraith) for 20,000 Steel each, and an execution animation based on the Prince’s own finishing move, for 10,000 steel.

In For Honor’s regular “Warrior’s Den” livestream this afternoon, Ubisoft Montreal developers said this week would be the first “chapter” of the crossover event, with a second game mode coming March 19.

Blades of Persia follows For Honor’s most recent in-game event, February’s “Peace Festival,” which likewise rolled out new game modes for a limited time.

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