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Control’s first expansion is called The Foundation and it’s coming out on March 26

It’s finally time to learn the history of the Oldest House

Control’s protagonist, Jesse, aims her gun at a grotesque, floating enemy Image: Remedy Entertainment/505 Games
Austen Goslin (he/him) is an entertainment editor. He writes about the latest TV shows and movies, and particularly loves all things horror.

Control was one of the best and weirdest games of last year, but Remedy isn’t done exploring the Oldest House just yet. The developer announced on Thursday that game’s first big expansion, The Foundation, will be released on March 26.

Remedy made the announcement via the game’s Twitter account, and included a short video teaser. As usual with Control the video is pretty vague and heavy on the mysteries, but there are a few things we can figure out from the hints. First of all, based on the name, it seems like we’ll be heading down to the Black Rock Quarry, the supposed foundation (see?) of the Oldest House. Based on all the weird stuff that’s constantly happening in the rest of the Federal Bureau of Control’s headquarters its lowest levels are sure to be filled with supernatural energy.

In the video itself we hear Jesse worrying about Marshall and how long she’s been gone. So it seems likely that the premise for us going down there will be to look for her. Since we’re headed down to the lowest levels of the Oldest House, we’ll get to learn a little bit more about the mysterious location. While Remedy surely won’t answer all of our questions, hopefully we’ll learn more about where the building came from, and maybe even what contributes to its strange relationship with reality.

Remedy has made smaller additions to Control in the past, such as the photo mode, but The Foundation is the game’s first big expansion. The developer has at least one more expansion planned called AWE — likely a reference to the game’s Altered World Events. It might even be a reference to Alan Wake based on the art that Remedy has released so far. AWE is scheduled to drop sometime in mid-2020.

According to Remedy, The Foundation will be available on PlayStation 4 first, and then will be released on PC and Xbox One at a later date. Players will be able to buy the expansion on its own, or they’ll get it as part of Control’s season pass on PS4.