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The best part about Overwatch’s 2020 Archives event is the little things


“King Jamison” Junkrat stands proudly over his tire in a screenshot from Overwatch Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard updates Overwatch on a regular schedule throughout the year with events. This month, it was time for the Archives event to take the spotlight. Archives has been one of the most popular in the game’s history, as it offers PvE-based story events, like a Venetian mission by black ops unit Blackwatch, or an Overwatch squad storming a robot-infested London.

This year, we’re not getting any new story missions. Instead, the existing Archives events are getting some new challenges, like exploding robots, or an enrage effect spread across enemies. This is presumably so Blizzard can focus on Overwatch 2, which will be a much more story-heavy game.

However, fans are still finding some small things that spark joy. Some people are excited that Pharah, a traditionally armored character, is wearing pants. Other people have dug deep to find a World of Warcraft Easter egg tucked into the new Junkrat skin, which reflects a great amount of dedication on their part. Owlero, a Reddit user, noticed that Junkrat has a shield bearing the crest of the human kingdom of Lordaeron in his treasure bundle.

So, Junkrat’s new skin implies that he’s either visited Azeroth and made off with a Lordaeron sword and shield, that he swiped a replica from Blizzardworld, or that he stole it from a veteran Blizzard employee. (Blizzard gifts employees a similar sword and shield as service awards at their 5-year and 10-year employment anniversary, respectively.)

Apparently, Junkrat has also swiped the Maltese Falcon.

While Warcraft fans are happy with this Junkrat Easter egg, Brigitte is gaining much more acclaim. She has a new emote where she picks up a giant, fluffy cat and hugs him. I don’t even care about the metagame or competitive balance or gameplay — I love that cat.

Big fans of Overwatch lore might recognize Brigitte’s furry friend as Jetpack Cat, a hero scrapped early on in the design phase. Jetpack Cat may never take to the skies in Overwatch, but it looks like he can get picked up and cuddled against his will.

Overwatch’s Archives event is now active, and will run through April 2. Players can unlock epic skins by winning games during the event.

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