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Westworld season 3 guide

The trailers, theories, and key observations for HBO’s sci-fi series

Westworld season 3 is here — and ready to boggle the brain with existential mysteries, criss-crossing timelines, and hard sci-fi questions.

After a two years hiatus, HBO’s glossy futuristic drama returns to wrap up (potentially for good) the saga of the vengeful host Dolores, her recently awoken host pal Bernard, the revived body of Delos employee Charlotte Hale, the humanistic robot Maeve, and anyone else who’s ever galloped across the screen in the previous three seasons. It all seems to be on the table in season 3, with Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul joining the season as a Regular Human named Caleb, who finds life in the year 2058 to be just as dismal as if he were a robot in a violent Western theme park. So it is.

Who were the five pearls Dolores snuck out of the Westworld park? What is the diabolical Incite corporation really up to? How did Maeve come back to life and end up in War World? What the heck is going on with Bernard?

Whether you need a refresher on what happened in season 2 or if you’re ready to go full galaxy brain on Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan’s video game-inspired series, saddle up: we’re here to be your guide to Westworld.