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Pokémon short cements Wooloo as a top Sword and Shield monster

You’re perfect just the way you are, Wooloo

Those of you who have played Pokémon Sword and Shield know that Hop, your rival, looks up to Leon, his brother and champion. What we don’t see in the games is how this relationship affects Hop’s actual Pokémon.

Web series Pokémon: Twilight Wings continues with an episode all about Hop’s Wooloo, who feels a little insecure about how much Hop loves Leon’s Charizard. We see poor Wooloo pretend to be Charizard, growling and trying to breath fire to no avail. Frustrated, Wooloo runs away and gets lost.

Wooloo definitely had a fanbase almost immediately after being revealed, and sure, the fluffy sheep-like creature is definitely cute. But I wasn’t on team Wooloo until watching this short, which actually humanizes our little buddy. There are shades of Mimikyu here.

Previously: Pokémon: Twilight Wings gave us a look at what happens when a gym leader gets defeated. Watching the series has made me appreciate the games more — I wish they were also written like this!

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