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Rockstar brings bonuses to Red Dead Online for players stuck at home

Yee haw, fancy corsets are back on sale!

A woman holds the new Evans Repeater rifle in a screenshot from Red Dead Online. Image: Rockstar Games
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On Tuesday, Rockstar Game issued a statement on Twitter to let players know it is “doing everything we can to ensure that our games are up and running for you as we are all spending a little extra time at home,” and that it planned “more events and activities inside GTA Online and Red Dead Online to help keep things fresh and fun for our community.”

Rockstar soon made good on that pledge, announcing perks and bonuses for Red Dead Online players.

This is a lucrative week to log in and explore the frontier. Rockstar is rolling out a selection of popular clothing items that had been removed from the catalogue, and gifting players with a series of rewards in Red Dead Online. There are a couple of bonus rewards for players subscribed to PlayStation Plus or Twitch Prime as well.

The catalogue will once again have some primo items, like the chambliss corset and hitched skirt, available for sale. Personally, I’m pretty glad to see these back, as I am always looking for new ways to dress up my character.

Players will earn rewards upon leveling up. Hitting Rank 10 rewards a free hunting bow and 50% off any shotgun in the store. Rank 20 takes 5 gold bars off the Bounty Hunter License, and 50% off any revolver. Rank 30 awards a machete and 50% off any repeater. Rank 40 gives 40% off a stable stall and 40% off any horse. Rank 50 grants one free character appearance change, and discounts off select coats and camp tents. Finally, Rank 60 gives players a free navy revolver, a discount off camp dogs, 50% off a stable stall, and 5 free refills at the Moonshiner profession.

In addition, Red Dead Online players with Twitch Prime will receive the Collector’s Bag, which allows them to engage with the Collector frontier pursuit. In addition, they’ll get a moonshine still upgrade and five Moonshiner role ranks. This is a nice boost to two of the trickier professions. PlayStation Plus members will get three free ability cards of their choice, which will allow them to unlock powerful abilities or upgrades for their cowboy.

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