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GTFO, the co-op shooter inspired by Left 4 Dead, is getting all-new levels

New maps will replace the old, totally changing the game

I got my first taste of co-op first-person shooter GTFO in a four-person match with developers 10 Chambers late last year. By March 31, everything that we played — and that GTFO early access players have been playing with since December — will be gone, replaced by new maps, some new weapons and enemies, and new puzzles to solve. All of it will be free.

You can watch a playthrough of some of the new content above.

GTFO is a dark and misty mashup of Alien-style horror and Left 4 Dead. In the fiction of the game, players take on the role of prisoners under the watchful eye of the Warden. They’re tasked with retrieving a series of MacGuffins from inside a massive underground complex. After this month, all of the game’s old missions — the developers calls them Rundowns — are getting thrown out, and in their place will be 10 new ones. To complement them, 10 Chambers is also introducing a machine pistol, a burst-fire rifle, and other new weapons along with new monsters and additional in-game puzzles.

As an added incentive, this time around some parts of the game will be unlocked based on how well the community performs as a group. Subsequent maps will only be available after a certain number of teams complete its most difficult Rundowns.

GTFO is currently in Steam’s Early Access program, with a majority of positive reviews. New players are encouraged to stop by the dedicated Discord channel to link up with more experienced players. The next set of Rundowns will go live throughout the year.

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