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Valorant release date: When can you play Riot’s new shooter?

Riot Games’ new shooter, originally announced as Project A, may be coming sooner than you think

Valorant characters have a gun fight in a courtyard Image: Riot games
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Riot Games has finally revealed its tactical shooter Valorant, and it seems that players will get their hands on it sooner rather than later. According to the League of Legends developer, Valorant will be released sometime this summer, with a closed beta coming sometime before then.

Valorant is a tactical first-person shooter. Unlike shooters like CS:GO, players will choose one of several different characters, called Agents, to play at the beginning of each match. Each Agent has unique abilities that can help give their team a tactical advantage, as two teams compete in each other. The matches themselves take place over rounds, with the first team to 13 rounds winning the match.

Valorant will be the first game the developer has released that takes place entirely outside of the League of Legends universe. It will be entirely free to play, but will have cosmetics that players can buy, such as weapon skins and sprays.

Riot hasn’t revealed any details about Valorant’s beta just yet, but with the full release of the game just a few months away, we’ll likely hear more about scheduling in the very near future..

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