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Lord of the Rings Online, D&D Online DLC is free for everyone stuck at home right now

The content will remain free until April 30

A wizard character leans on his staff in Lord of the Rings Online Image: Standing Stone Games
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Developer Standing Stone Games has announced that all the content, including DLC, for Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online will be free to all players until April 30. Along with the free content, Standing Stone will also be hosting extra events in both games.

Dungeons & Dragons Online was first released on Feb. 28, 2006 and Lord of the Rings Online was first released on April 24, 2007. Both games were first developed by Turbine, but have changed hands over their long history. In 2016 the games were taken over by a new company called Standing Stone, made up mostly of employees who had previously worked on them at Turbine.

According to a news release, all quests, instances, and skirmishes in Lord of the Rings Online, including those in expansion packs, will be open to everyone. Along with that, The Curator will be returning from March 26 to April 30, and there will be a 10% virtue XP boost along with the return of the Baggins’ Birthday event which will run for the same amount of time.

For D&D Online, all of the game’s dungeons and raids will be open to everyone. The Buddy Bonus 5% XP will also be active from March 20 to March 29, along with some weekend events later on. As for events, the Mimic event will start on March 26 and be active until April 6, while the anniversary event — which celebrates the anniversary of the game’s release — will come back starting on March 26 and run through April 30.

All this free content and the extra events come at a time when players could likely use something to do. While there’s no direct mention of the COVID-19 pandemic in Standing Stone Games’ announcement, it’s hard to ignore the timing. With many parts of the United States, and the rest of the world, practicing social distancing and many businesses around the country closed, the move to free content for both of Standing Stone’s MMOs should help give people something new to occupy their time at home.