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“I am Gamora,” says Gamora, waiting under a clear blue sky. Drax and Groot wait with her, in Guardians of the Galaxy #3, Marvel Comics (2020). Image: Al Ewing, Nina Vakueva/Marvel Comics

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Guardians of the Galaxy’s final issue delivers a heartbreaking Groot moment

I am grief

Susana Polo is an entertainment editor at Polygon, specializing in pop culture and genre fare, with a primary expertise in comic books. Previously, she founded The Mary Sue.

In just the first two issues of Marvel’s new Guardians of the Galaxy series, written by Immortal Hulk scribe Al Ewing, a lot has happened. Rocket Raccoon wears suits now. Hercules joined the team. And Star-Lord apparently died, sacrificing himself to save the galaxy from the tyranny of the newly reincarnated Greek gods.

In this week’s issue, Rocket Raccoon and Hercules had to go back to Drax, Groot, and Gamora, and give them the bad news. Ewing and artist Nina Vakueva rendered the scene in reverse “Grootspeech,” which is to say, everybody but Groot only said their names. Somehow that made it even better.

What else is happening in the pages of our favorite comics? We’ll tell you. Welcome to Polygon’s weekly list of the books that our comics editor enjoyed this past week. It’s part society pages of superhero lives, part reading recommendations, part “look at this cool art.” There may be some spoilers. There may not be enough context. If you missed last week, read this.

Guardians of the Galaxy #3

“No!,” says Groot, as Drax restrains him, “We can’t just — we can’t turn him away.” “I am Drax,” says Drax. Hercules and Rocket Raccoon walk away sadly. “I am Hercules?” says Hercules. “I am Rocket. I am Rocket...” says Rocket, in Guardians of the Galaxy #3, Marvel Comics (2020). Image: Al Ewing, Nina Vakueva/Marvel Comics

It’s an immensely clever idea, but one that leaves all the emotional communication on the artist’s desk. Vakueva nails it, though, and it all winds up being more of a gut-punch.

Robin 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular

Dick Grayson and his partner talk with their Gorilla City contact in a fancifully decorated room. Dick is wearing basically just a loincloth, in Robin 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular, DC Comics (2020). Image: Tim Seeley, Tom King, Mikel Janín/DC Comics

Did you hear that Robin had his 80th anniversary recently? The anthology book contained a short story from the old Grayson team of Tim Seeley, Tom King, and Mikel Janín, in case you’re still thinking about how great that comic was once a week. Mark my words, in a decade or so, Grayson is going to be one of those books that all the really fun comics nerds swear by.

Outlawed #1

“Can you look back and tell me if anyone is following us?” Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan asks the girl she’s protecting. When she turns, Kamala embiggens her hands and slams them into a wall with a big CRASH, in Outlawed #1, Marvel Comics (2020). Image: Eve Ewing, Kim Jacinto/Marvel Comics

Marvel kicked off a new era for its teen superheroes with Outlawed #1. You can read about it in much more depth right here, but I just wanted to say: I like this little ruse Kamala used to keep from blowing her secret identity, and the great use of SFX in this panel.

Batman #91

The Joker retells the story of the villainous Designer and his offers to the Penguin, the Riddler, and Catwoman in Batman #91, DC Comics (2020). Image: James Tynion IV, Rafael Albuquerque/DC Comics

I’m giving James Tynion IV’s Joker my highest Joker compliment: He reminds me most of Batman: The Animated Series’ Joker. There’s a place for Tom King’s disjointed-dangerous killer, and for Scott Snyder’s elemental force of evil, but sometimes you just want a charming maniac, you know?

Spider-Woman #1

The storefront awning of Big Ronnie’s Custom Battle Spandex, in Spider-Woman #1, Marvel Comis (2020). Image: Karla Pacheco, Pere Pérez/Marvel Comics

Did I expect to be all in on Spider-Woman #1? No. But then it introduced me to BIG RONNIE’S CUSTOM BATTLE SPANDEX, and now I’m in love.

Wicked Things #1

Charlotte Grote introduces herself to Norris Overton IV of the Hartford overtons. He shuts her down for being proud of her nomination for Teen Detective of the Year and says as a “female” she’s likely to be too distracted by childbirth to make it as an Adult Detective, in Wicked Things #1, Boom Studios (2020). Image: John Allison, Max Sarin/Boom Studios

Wicked Things is a new series from the creator of Giant Days, and it’s set in a world where Nancy Drew/Miss Marple/Poirot style detectives are so common that there are teen detective awards and conventions and inter-community politics. And it’s delightful.

Aquaman #58

Aquaman arrives at Mera’s bedside with a new haircut and a bouquet of sea anemones for their “date night,” in Aquaman #TK, DC Comics (2020). Image: Kelly Sue DeConnick, Miguel Mendonça/DC Comics

Aquaman, who got a new haircut for his “date night” with his comatose wife who he visits daily with their infant child, has officially upgraded himself to DILF status. Holy shit, the muscles, but also the responsibility.

X-Force #9

Dozens of X-Men characters drink, swim, carouse, and perform at Krakoa’s tiki bar, the Green Lagoon, in X-Force #9, Marvel Comics (2020). Image: Benjamin Percy, Joshua Cassara/Marvel Comics

The X-Men books have been teasing for a while that Krakoa has a tiki bar where everyone hangs out, but thanks to X-Force #9, we can finally see the Green Lagoon in all its glory. I want to go to there.


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