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Pear Gang rises up to fight Animal Crossing fruit hatred

Shout out to all the pear

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A bunch of pears in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Image: Nintendo / Polygon via Russ Frushtick

If there’s one thing many Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans can agree on, it’s that peaches are a perfect fruit — folks love the fuzzy snack so much, they’re willing to restart their game over and over for it. But as every light casts a shadow, the existence of a disliked native tree is also implied with the crowning of a beloved fruit.

Based on conversations with friends, as well as posts on social media, it seems that the least appreciated Animal Crossing fruit happens to be pears. In fact, some people are restarting their games to avoid getting pears.

Why are pears being treated like this? Some folks don’t like that pears blend in a little with the tree leaves, which are also green. But really, it’s arbitrary. No fruit is actually better than another fruit, and the game even rewards you for harvesting a wide variety of crops, rather than sticking with one.

Whatever the reason, the pronounced fruit hatred has given rise to a group that calls itself Pear Gang, and they’ve taken to social media to proudly display their appreciation for the coarse fruit. Folks are decorating in favor of pears, building shrines, furniture, and even giving themselves tattoos to commemorate their allegiance. The aim seems to be reclamation — because really, there’s no reason that pears should be hated this much!

I’m always one for an underdog story, but, let’s be real. All fruits pale in comparison to a money tree. And that’s that on that.

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