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Control’s upcoming patch is finally going to make the map readable

There’s even a new ability called Shield Rush

a woman floats in an office, with debris flying everywhere around her Image: Remedy Entertainment/505 Games

Control is one of last year’s best games, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. One of the biggest complaints players have had about Remedy’s mind-bending action game is that the in-game map was way too hard to read. In the game’s upcoming patch, Remedy is going to address the problem and make the map a little bit easier to use.

Complaints about Control’s map started as soon as the game was released. In fact, just a few days after release, Remedy put out a statement to let fans know that the developer was already planning on fixing the map. The main goal of that update wasn’t to fix how difficult the map was to read, but rather how often it failed to load — a slightly bigger problem. Remedy released the fix for the map failing to load in September.

Now that the map loads, Remedy is actually taking aim at the map’s readability. In a video released on Monday morning, Remedy outlined the goals of the upcoming patch, which included showing off the new map UI which seems to do a better job of highlighting the various levels of the Oldest House.

The patch is scheduled to drop on March 26, the same day that Control’s first expansion will be released on the Epic Games Store and PlayStation 4. The expansion is called The Foundation and will delve deep into the lowest levels of the Oldest House so that Jesse can discover its secrets. That means levels are sure to get a little confusing, and the new and improved map should help out with that.

Along with the map changes, this patch also brings a few other updates to Control. The biggest addition to the game is a new ability called Shield Rush that will allow protagonist Jesse to pull rubble from around the environment to make a shield in-front of herself then rush head-first into enemies. The patch will also revise the ability tree and add a feature to let players relocate Jesse’s ability points. Finally, Remedy is adding Nvidia DLSS 2.0 for players with RTX graphics cards.

The patch is scheduled to go live on all consoles and PC, including Xbox One which won’t get The Foundation until June 25.

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