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Warframe players can now team up with other squads, fight new spaceship enemies

Get aboard your spaceship and fight some AIs

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Digital Extremes is dropping a big update for Warframe, including features that were first showcased at the game’s 2019 convention, Tennocon. Operation Scarlet Spear, the game’s new event, will run for four weeks, starting March 24 and ending April 21.

Warframe’s big bad, the enemy AI known as Sentients, are showing up in the game’s spaceship combat mode. Players aboard their Railjack ships will be attacked by Sentient boarding parties. These Sentient boarding parties are much smarter than the existing alien enemies; they’ll move to disrupt and disable the ship’s systems, forcing players to work together to clear the ship and get things back up and running.

While Warframe limits players to four-player squads, there’s a new way to add more players to a mission. A new Operation Room will allow players to team up in a feature called Operation Link. Operation Link was originally shown at Tennocon 2019 as Squad Link, and showcased a two-front mission handled by two different squads.

In Operation Link, one four-player squad will be aboard the Railjack. They’ll need help in taking down some ground based operations, which is handled by a second four-player squad. The Railjack players must survive and do as much as they can while waiting for their allied squad to work their way through a traditional ground-combat-based mission. If both teams are successful, the mission becomes much easier. Every completed Operation Link mission will contribute toward the event’s progress, signifying the players starting the war against the Sentients in earnest.

Warframe gets some more goodies in today’s update, including an in-game museum exhibit dedicated to the Nova Warframe. There’s a new collection full of cosmetics for that particular Warframe as well.

Operation Scarlet Spear will come to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, shortly after the PC update.

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