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Rip and tear with Isabelle in this classic Doom mod

Best friends forever!

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Doom 2 - Isabelle lends a hand against the enemies of Hell in this mod itsmeveronica / moddb
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Doom is a classic game with a thriving mod community. But some people might be feeling a little lonely playing Doom 2. After all, the Doom Slayer’s a pretty famous solo act. But what if he had a friend? What if he could hang out with his best friend, who is also Animal Crossing’s Isabelle? Luckily, a genius has made this possible.

This companion mod was uploaded to Mod DB for Doom 2 by user itsmeveronica. There’s a brief description of how the mod works, and luckily, we don’t have to worry about Isabelle taking any damage or being in danger.

Isabelle is a supporting character who is also capable of fighting for you. Isabelle takes no damage from enemies so you wouldn’t have to worry about keeping her alive, she can take care of herself. She’s all strong and independent, capable of staying alive to an all out firefight. Isabelle would frequently throw items your way, akin to Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite. She could throw items such as health, armor, and ammo!

This makes a lot of sense; Isabelle is a fighter in Smash, so it figures that she could handle the rigors of fighting demons in Hell. She’s also incredibly helpful toward Doom Guy; even when she’s not helping the mayor, I guess she still wants to lend a hand! Thanks, Isabelle, that’s classy of you.

The mod isn’t all about ripping and tearing. There are some little reactions and animations for a sharp-eyed player to catch.

Isabelle would also be seen doing random stuff when she’s idle to pass time. She can also react to your death and ressurection if you cheat!

Frankly, I would trust Isabelle with my life, and I think she would make an excellent companion to Doomguy. If she can handle the rigors of Smash and island life, she can definitely hang with demons. The mod is free to download, and currently has a 10-star rating with six reviews.

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