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Pokémon Sword and Shield’s new legendary form depends on your route

You can only choose one

Urshifu, a new legendary in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Image: Nintendo

Pokémon Sword and Shield’s first expansion, Isle of Armor, will be out by the end of June — and with it comes a new legendary monster, Kubfu. While adorable, the brawler evolves into a more menacing Urshifu whose fighting style will depend on how you play the expansion.

According to a mini Nintendo Direct released this morning, Isle of Armor will present players with two routes. Fans will have to take on the “Towers of Two Fists,” which include the Tower of Darkness and Tower of Waters. Notably, players can only climb one of the gauntlets, not both. The tower you defeat will determine Urshifu’s form.

Urshifu is available in Single Strike Style (Tower of Darkness, Fighting/Dark-type) and Rapid Strike Style (Tower of Waters, Fighting/Water-type). Based on the footage, it appears that Urshifu will have a special move that correlates with its form, as well as a slightly different appearance.

Nintendo also says the Isle of Armor will provide new outfits, hairstyles, and league card background. Starters will also get new Gigantamax forms, including a monster with a flippin’ sniper. The expansion pass will cost $29.99, though details on what’s in the Crown Tundra is forthcoming. Folks who buy the expansion or the expansion pass early will get Leon’s caps and tights as an in-game bonus. That offer will be available until Aug. 31, Nintendo says.

The Japanese developer also notes that the release dates for everything in the Direct may change due to the challenges presented by COVID-19.

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