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Animal Crossing’s stringfish is making fans increasingly desperate

Dawn of the final day

A villager wearing fishing waders appears sad while holding a fishing rod in a screenshot from Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Image: Nintendo via Polygon
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Many Animal Crossing players treat Nintendo’s adorable life sim as a chill, play-at-your-own-pace experience. Then there are the rest of us, desperate to fill out our collections of fossils, bugs, fish, and furnishings at all costs. Nothing less than 100% will do, for we must lord our complete collections over our friends and enemies.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players are feeling that pinch right now, as the end of March approaches, and some species of sea life and bugs transition out of the game — some of which won’t return for months. For players in the northern hemisphere, that means catching the elusive stringfish. Some players, still stringfish-less and with little time to spare, are taking desperate measures.

Some are taking extra Dodo Airlines trips to islands via the Nook Miles ticket, while other are stocking up on lots and lots of bait.

Sometimes to no avail...

Others are pursuing a more ... arcane approach.

Failure is weighing heavily on many players, who simply cannot find a blessing from Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ cruel god of randomness.

But despite the odds, there is hope (as evidenced by Polygon’s own stringfish hunter, Nicole Carpenter) out there.

Things might be going a little better for some of us if, say, manila clams would stack. Or Animal Crossing: New Horizons would let us batch craft fish bait. Or that damned stringfish wasn’t all the way at the top of the cliff. Or that just once — just ONCE — I could get what I want — nay, deserve — in this life.

I’m OK. It’s OK. We’re all going to be OK. Maybe. Anyway, have you checked out Polygon’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons guides? They’re very good.

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