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Later Daters is a dating sim full of sexy seniors

60, single, and sexy

Dating sims are usually full of young, hot singles in your area, but a new take on dating sims from Canadian indie studio Bloom Digital Media is taking a different approach. Later Daters, which is due for a release on Steam and Nintendo Switch on April 16, stars a protagonist who has recently joined a retirement home.

The retirement community is full of residents, and players can flirt with — and date a lucky candidate — from eight different characters. The story is looking to buck the stereotypes about older people falling in love, but there are still some retirement-friendly activities for players to choose from and meet potential lovers at, including morning yoga and playing cards.

Of course, since this sim stars an older cast than most, many of the prospective partners have their own lives and issues to deal with. Some of them — potentially including the protagonist — have lost spouses in the past. Others are dealing with problems now that the player can aid with. Or, if a player prefers, they can go for something casual and light.

Later Daters will contain the first three chapters at launch on April 16; the rest of the game will arrive at a later date.

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